Do you find a wonderful personality more attractive than a pretty face? It’s time to give Academic Singles a shot!

This obsession about how we look on the outside has probably gone a bit too far in our society. People nowadays become famous and successful just because they were lucky enough to be born with a beautiful face. If you even dare to focus on something else, like character or personality, most people will just stare at you with disbelief. It’s hard to find someone, either a man or a woman, that deeply cares about your personality, your hidden qualities, the “real” you. Dating has become so superficial that it’s almost disgusting. Why – and when – people changed so quickly? And what happens for the rest of us that simply don’t feel this way?

Thank god, there is a dating site that can act as a safe space for us. A dating site where people choose partners not based solely on how they look or on how “cool” their social media profiles are. A dating site that seems to understand that the foundations of a lasting relationship lie on matching personalities, characters, and interests. Well, let’s talk about Academic Singles.

You will quickly understand that this is not just another dating site. In Academic Singles, your personality is your passport in the journey towards the love of your life. A scientific personality test (with no wrong answers!) will match you with other singles that share the same passions, dreams, and expectations. This test isn’t solely geared around the movies you watch or the books you love. Instead, it really builds a picture of who you are and also the kind of people that would probably be a perfect match for you. Every single question you answer on this test is really important. Think of it as it gets you one step closer to your ideal partner! So take your time and don’t try to rush it.

However, the testing process in Academic Singles goes beyond matching personalities. There is one important factor of dating that you simply can’t ignore: timing. Even if your personality would perfectly match with a potential partner, it would be impossible to build a stable relationship with them if you are at different stages of your life. So the test will absolutely take that into consideration before recommending potential partners. Even better, you can then filter the recommended profiles based on age, religion, level of education, or even location, in order to end up with the few best candidates!

The gender distribution in Academic Singles is also perfect. As things stand as I’m typing this, 55% of registered members are women, which is great as the right balance is more than important – and hard to find – in a dating site. Most singles are in the 35-54 age range, so you definitely need to try it if this is your target group. However, there are always exceptions, and we’ve seen profiles as young as 26 years old and as old as 72!

All in all, you just can’t go wrong with Academic Singles:

If you find yourself intrigued by what this gem has to offer, waste no time, and try Academic Singles today! And keep in mind that registration is 100% free for all new members!